For the past year I have been thinking and planning on walking the Via Francigene from Canterbury Cathedral in England to St. Peter’s in Vatican City, in Rome.  The distance is about 2000 kilometers or about 1200 miles.  The trail begins outside the main doors of Canterbury Cathedral and travels to Dover, then across the English Channel to Calis, France then southeast through rural France to Lausanne Switzerland, crossing the Alps at St. Bernard Pass.  After crossing the pass and into Italy the trail continues into Vatican City ending up at St. Peters.

My intention is to get better at using this blog so the first few entries will be practice and background.  I hope to begin my walk sometime around the end of April so I can walk the St. Bernard Pass as it opens around the end of May.  My next entry will be the equipment I will be using and bringing with me.


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One year ago


One year ago I was having a wine on the porch in Souda Bay on Crete.  I just arrived after flying for over 20 hours, checked into the hotel and now I am enjoying the sunlight.

I am learning how to import a photo and text.  I do no know if this is going out to you Arlene or Scott.  Have a great day.



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A trip to the Grand Canyon

My friend Arlene and I traveled to the winter wonderland of the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago.  The snow was fresh, the visitors sparse and the scenery was wonderful because it was all wrapped  in fresh snow.

The hotel we stayed was wonderful and the bar had tasty drinks.  We had several old fashions; she bourbon and me scotch.  It was a wonderful visit.

I tried to load photos but could not figure it out.  I selected one but could not get it to come on the page.

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Onward to Montenegro

On Feb 12 I leave on another assignment to pick up the USS The Sullivan’s DDG 68 in Bar, Montenegro. After that who knows.  Stay tuned!


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Well, I will try learn something more about this site.  Apparently once published you cannot edit the page and each time you go on you begin a new blog.  To keep track of my entries until I know how  to delete them I will include a different photograph each entry.  I don’t know how to enter multiple photos as of yet.  So bear with me the first couple of times so I can learn.

I put a caption for the photograph but it does not show up when I publish it.

I think I discovered how to edit it.  Give me a day or two to learn and then I will put significant information up here.

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